Oh, hello Internet.  Did you miss me? 

It feels a little strange that I haven’t been blogging or posting on Facebook much the last two months.  It’s honestly flown by.  My life’s gotten a bit crazy with work – my company was sold and for a while I wasn’t sure I’d even have a job.  Now, although I’ve discovered I still have one, it’s become apparent to me that I need to find one closer to home.  I’ve had to drive back and forth to our main office 90 minutes away about twice a week for a while, and they want me there more starting next month.  I interviewed at one place, but they couldn’t pay me enough so I passed.  One good side effect of it, though, was that it got me looking at my finances to how much exactly I could live on.  Another challenge lately has been that J has been acting out a bit – getting in trouble at school and getting upset at home.  He’s had a lot of deep things on his mind.  It’s taken a lot of energy to help him and to find other outlets that can help.  That’s looking up now, though.

On some positive notes… I’ve been busy with shopping for secular Christmas.  It’s very important to me to find gifts that aren’t just given for the hell of it.  Some of them I’m *gasp* even making.   I’m feeling really good about Xmas this year.  My family had a great Thanksgiving – the most drama free I can ever remember.   It feels foreign, but I’m happy to get used to it.  I also read a couple of really good books, got an IUD (that was an experience…ow), finished SG-1, and kept busy with the usual “single mom keeping a little family running” stuff.

I’ve also been spending time with my beau, who is also a J, so I will have to name him B for his surname.  Anyway, things with B have been fantastic.

Did you see how I stopped there?  That’s because B is actually a pretty private person.  Which is another reason I haven’t been posting much online.  It’s hard to gush about your boyfriend when you know he may not want his whole life up for the world to see.  It’s been a bit of an adjustment for me, but one that’s worth it, of course.  Besides, there’s probably only so many times my Facebook friends want to see me posting about the awesome dates or enthralling conversations or great sex we’ve had.

Okay, I know I cheated there. 

So part of it’s mooning, part of it’s challenge, part of it’s just that I’ve been living in the moment.  It’s been good, though.  Really good.  And I have a feeling (or maybe just a hope) that it’s just going to get better.  But I promise to post more so you know for sure.