I used my birthday gift card from Kohl’s to buy myself two new shirts and a new pair of jeans this weekend.   The shirts are cranberry and pumpkin colored and cotton, and I love them.  I wish I didn’t have to wash them so I could wear them all the time.  My mom bought me a pretty necklace for my birthday as well.  It’s nice to have new things.  I’ve been really good about my money lately, which has meant no treats. 

Every Monday for the last month I’ve gone down to our Hartford office and worked on a fairly large project that involves actual physical paper and which will make me feel totally accomplished when I’m done. 

J and I are at Starbucks right now (no, I’m not splurging; a gift card was another of my gifts).  As soon as he got home from school I whisked us away.  I love that he rides up on his bike right after school two days a week; it’s a far cry from when he was little and I’d drop him at daycare at 7:30 and have to get him at 5:30.  Anyway, he’s got a chocolate frappucino, which he’s sucking down like his life depends on it.  He’s doing his homework while I work.  There’s cool music playing in the background.  I feel like we don’t spend enough time together sometimes, and while this isn’t exactly quality time, it’s better than being in separate rooms at home.

Speaking of Starbucks, it’s not the Starbucks where the manager asked me out.  He never called.  That’s fine with me.  I’m not sure I wanted to date someone 15 years older than me anyway, and I definitely don’t want to date someone who didn’t call me to make plans within a week…that just means he can take me or leave me, and I think someone should have at least a little excitement about me, no?  I know I’m picky, but at least I’m not unhappy settling.

I’m finishing Season 8 of Stargate: SG-1, which means I’ve got about 30 hours left of the series.  I’ve been watching too much of it, and although I’ll be excited to finish it, I think I need to slow down for the time being…read some books…watch a movie that doesn’t involve inter-stellar travel.  I’m really not normally a scifi girl.  I think I need an action movie mental palate-cleanser or something. 

My next two weeks will be filled with Halloween preparations and Cub Scout wreath-selling, which will be an odd justaposition.  I can’t wait for the holidays to start.  I want to bake desserts and feed them to the people I love.  Is that weird?