I’m loving the summer.  I want it to last forever.  We’ve “discovered” the town lake, which I knew about but hadn’t been to until someone drove me there in June.  You wouldn’t think that a lake beach would be that nice, but it is.  It’s so quiet.  My son chases fish and plays with the other kids.  I hang out with him in the water sometimes but mostly I just look out over the water or read.  The apartment we’re moving into is right down the street from there. 

Summer always seems like the most fleeting of seasons to me.  I try as much as possible to not put on the A/C, but to luxuriate in the oft-maligned “heat and humidity”.  I wear sundresses and put my hair in ponytails and braids.  I go without makeup.  I eat watermelon and pineapple every week. 

During the summer, my son needs to shower nearly every day, he gets so dirty.  His hair is so long now I have to shampoo it more, too.  He comes home from camp filthy and exhausted, and oh-so-happy.

Summer is fireworks and hamburgers and skin and warmth.  I’m so glad I have so much more of it before the school shopping begins.